Claire Palmer

Licensed Professional Counselor

A native of Houston, Texas,  I earned my master's degree in Clinical Psychology from The University of Houston - Clear Lake.  My working experiences providing mental health therapy to clients at San Marcos Treatment Center,  the Houston OCD Program, the renowned Menninger Clinic and most recently Capital OCD & Anxiety Practice have helped shape the modalities I practice today.  


In most cases I find that using Acceptance and Commitment  Therapy (ACT) is a useful framework to help guide myself and my clients, but recognize that a combination of methodologies may be most effective.  I do firmly believe that taking a holistic (mind, body, energy) approach to therapy provides more balanced healing.  I work mostly with adult individuals and also enjoy facilitating process groups and educational workshops.  

I became a yoga teacher in July, 2020 after completing a 10 month, 200 hour teacher training with Practice Yoga Austin.  Yoga is mindfulness in action and has helped me get to know myself and love myself more.  I am an avid believer in the healing powers of yoga and would be happy to incorporate it into your treatment journey if you are interested.  

In my free time I enjoy yoga, practicing mindfulness meditation, outdoor adventures and using art as therapy in many different mediums including crafting, gardening and cooking.  

                                                                                                   Claire Palmer, LPC , RYT



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