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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy


(ACT) is an empirically based psychological intervention that stems from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  The goal of ACT is to increase what is called psychological flexibility.  

Psychological flexibility is the ability to make full contact with whatever is happening right here, right now in our lives and use our hearts deepest values to decide what to do in that present moment. This can be a helpful strategy if you often find yourself making decisions based on fear or some other discomfort rather than what actually matters to you most.  

ACT uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies together with commitment and behavioral change strategies to help people cultivate a life that truly feels meaningful, purposeful and vital.  In an ironic and beautiful way clients find that by willingly accepting their pain in a compassionate way they experience relief from their pain:  

  • reduce stress

  • decrease anxiety

  • less severe depression

  • decrease in OCD symptoms

  • workable behavior changes

  • less strain in relationships with others

  • a more loving relationship to self

The Pillars of ACT

  • Be Present

    • move through life with awareness and knowing rather than in constant autopilot mode

  • Open Up

    • make space for difficult emotions if pushing them away does not work or has significant costs to your life​

  • ​Do What Matters
    • clarify the way you want to show up to your life and commit to taking the actions that get you there​
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