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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy & Coping Skills

How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Works

Here at Arrive Counseling (located in Austin, TX) I offer Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to young professionals who may be dealing with a variety of issues such as difficulty acclimating to a new job, intimacy issues, problematic social relationships, or most often, a strained relationship with self.  


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy or ACT (said as the word ‘act’ rather than the letters ‘a-c-t’) is all about ACTion.  ACT asks us to move through life with mindful awareness so that we can make space for the difficult emotions and thoughts that may be preventing us from taking value-driven actions.  ACT uses 6 distinct but interconnected processes to help clients change the way they relate to the pain and suffering that comes with being human.  You can learn more about ACT here.


If you would like to see if Acceptance & Commitment Therapy could work for you give me a call today to schedule an appointment.


The road to living life to your full potential starts here!

Establishing Coping Skills

Coping skills are the methods that one uses to deal with stressful situations.  In a perfect world, we would all have solid coping skills established well before life gets tough.  Unfortunately, many clients find themselves in therapy after a major life event or tragedy has occurred and they make the sudden, painful realization that their coping basket is slim to empty.  


Establishing a relationship with a therapist is a great way to learn, explore and practice the coping skills that work best for you.  In session I often emphasize the difference between workable and unworkable coping skills – workable meaning those that work in the short term, in the long term and come without detrimental costs.  At Arrive Counseling I strive to offer my clients a wide variety of workable coping skills that target the mind, body and spirit so that you can walk away with a “colorful crayon box” of coping! We can use the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) to explore new ways to cope with painful thoughts and emotions.  I use yogic principles, postures and breathing techniques to help you cope with uncomfortable sensations in the body.  We can discuss what spirituality means to you in order to broaden your perspective on life and provide a deeper sense of connection to something outside of yourself.  


So come to Arrive Counseling and let’s establish the coping skills that actually work for you!

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