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Research on the effectiveness of therapy often emphasizes the importance of the relationship between the client and their therapist. This is why I consider a good fit with my clients to be so important.  

My therapeutic style is casual and some would say playful overall.  I believe that humor, curiosity and creativity are some of the best antidotes to fear.  That being said, we'll likely have to move through some heavy content during our journey together.  When painful emotions come up I might ask you to be present to it and I promise I'll be right there in the discomfort with you.  


When people begin a therapeutic journey they are often looking to change patterns that have been ingrained over a long period of time. There is no magic wand that will just zap the pain away. What I can offer you are new ways of looking at and relating to this pain.  My hope is that a new perspective will free up some energy and space to allow you to move your life in a direction that matters to you.  I want to help you cultivate a rich, full and meaningful life.  This may mean looking into not only your emotional world, but also your relationship to your physical and energetic bodies.  I think much of the pain we experience in life stems from feeling disconnected from ourselves and this planet.  Integrating these aspects through holistic therapy provides a solid foundation for healing.  

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