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Yoga Supported Therapy 


Yoga is not just a great workout or a way to reduce stress.  One definition of yoga is mindfulness in action.  As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) I am qualified to help you safely incorporate yoga practices such as breathing techniques, mudras (hand poses) and mantras into session.  These practices can help to deepen your connection with yourself and your body or can help to  highlight poignant moment in session. 

For homework, asanas (body poses) may be assigned to deepen this connection and bring the work from the therapy room into "real life".  Incorporating your body into your healing process is a huge component of the holistic therapy approach.  The parallels between yoga and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy are vast.  Both ask us to use our breath, our connection to our body and this earth and acceptance strategies to make room for painful situations that arise in the body and mind.  

By getting our minds and bodies in sync with one another we create exponential growth in our "container", our ability to have and hold experiences in a workable way.  

If you would like to incorporate yogic philosophy and practices into your mental health journey, contact me.  I would love to talk with you about it!

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