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  • Claire


In the study of yoga it is recommended that we spend time in svadhyaya or self-study. By being curious about our thoughts, emotions and behaviors we can become aware of the ways in which we may not be living in accordance with our values. At it's heart, I believe the therapeutic journey is all about encouraging self-study. By forming a trusting relationship with a non-judgmental professional we get to create a safe space from which we can begin to look within. We become aware of limiting beliefs and where they came from. We recognize unworkable thought patterns and just how often they show up. We start to learn that we are in fact capable of holding that uncomfortable emotion which historically we have tried so hard to get rid of. Ultimately - perhaps most importantly - we get to truly know that we are infinitely more than our changing thoughts, emotions, urges and body.

We are all students, take time to look within.


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