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  • Claire


Fear can literally alter the way we perceive reality (think of fear transforming the garden hose into a snake). Of course this mechanism was very helpful as our species was evolving and is sometimes still very helpful today! But more often than not, our fear, if left unchecked can lead us astray from our values. If living in fear becomes a long term pattern it can have measurably negative impacts on our physical and mental health. This is without a doubt a scary time to be alive for a number of reasons which is exactly why managing our fears and strengthening our inner resource is extra important. Taking time to ground down into the elements of life that are safe, certain and in control can help us weather the storm. Here are some little possibilities to try out:

make time for a daily mindfulness meditation or gratitude practice

drink more water

rely more heavily on nature - maybe finding a nice shady spot to sit in the grass for a spell

get your hands dirty - plant something, play with some clay or finger paint

move your body - perhaps a grounding yoga flow or walk around the neighborhood

wrap up in a big blanket and take some deep breaths

place a hand on your heart and tell yourself what you need to hear

draw or write out what you're feeling afraid of


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