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  • Claire


What is important when it comes to engaging in a practice? By definition a practice involves repetition. Undoubtedly, repeating an activity over and over again allows the body and brain to solidify this information and access it more readily. Just as important as repetition however may be making mistakes while practicing. Errors create novelty and intrigue, they give us something to be curious about if we can learn to be open to them. In yoga, falling out of a pose is a welcomed experience. What are the arenas of life that you may have trouble "falling out of". We often cling to stories about having to be the perfect partner, employee/employer, parent, etc. Life gives us numerous opportunities to practice showing up to these arenas in a valued way, falling out of these roles with dignity and returning to them again with grace and forgiveness.

We can choose how we show up to every step in life.


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