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  • Claire


Lately I've been setting aside more time to connect in my personal life - connecting with myself through meditation, yoga and gratitude, connecting with my significant other through playful activities or intentional repair work after a disagreement, connecting with family through more frequent calls and texts, connecting with friends by setting up play dates or just saying 'Yes!' more often, connecting with new people by going out on a limb and simply asking to connect, and connecting with nature by taking more time in it, even if that's just by looking out the window for a few seconds longer than I normally would. All this connecting feels great, it feels energizing to me. I think that may be because it is an obvious reminder that - we ARE all connected! My connection with myself has ripple effects on my partner, family, friends, strangers and this Earth. If we are able to put aside the thoughts that keep us closed (for me those are thoughts like, "I'm tired and I just need to rest", "They're going to think I'm so weird or desperate." or "I'm too busy for this!") we are open to connecting with the energy sources all around us that are constantly available. For me this energy brings with it a sense of ease, vitality and purpose. I wonder what it might bring to you?

We can often find peace and healing in moments of connection
There is purpose in connection


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