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  • Claire


"The only thing constant in life is change."

We've all heard that right? Changes are continually happening on both the macro level (changing seasons, stages of life, roles, work environments) and the very micro level (changing from sitting to standing, changes in breathing, thinking and mood states). What is your relationship to change? Some of us do everything we can to try and prevent change. We exert as much control as possible to keep things the same - predictable, familiar, easy. Others are constantly seeking out change, perhaps in an effort to avoid feeling bored or stagnant. In either case the fact is that change happens.

What would happen if we took pause throughout the day to notice change?

The subtle shifts in lighting as clouds pass over the sun. The changes in the way our bodies feel at the beginning of the day and the end. The precise moment of waking up in the morning, changing from asleep to awake. The nearly constant changes in thought and mood that can flit by unnoticed. The ways we have grown since childhood.

Stopping to notice the changes in every moment could give us a more workable connection to change as a whole, realizing that we are constantly doing so and that it is an experience that we can handle with grace. Noticing change could help us be fully connected to the present moment and appreciate how incredibly brief and powerful the now really is.

Every wave changes the shore and the shore changes every wave.


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