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Values in Life & Self Improvement

The Importance of Having Values in Life

In the world of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) our values refer to ways of being.  They are the qualities that describe our actions – how we want to show up in the world.  There are millions of possible values out there – here are some examples that are close to the heart of Arrive Counseling: creative, hopeful, humorous, self-compassionate, loving, open-minded and understanding.  


Sometimes our values have been “chosen for us” by parents, societal standards or religious beliefs or an old version of ourselves that doesn’t serve us anymore.  As we start to wake up to our own truth, having a firm knowledge of our own values becomes increasingly vital.  Our values are our anchor, the reference point that we can return to again and again throughout life’s many ups and downs.  Our values can help remind us of what kind of family member, friend, employee or student we want to be. They can help us remember how we ideally want to show up for ourselves, our romantic partners or our society.  They are the fodder that makes life rich, purposeful and full of meaning.  


For those who do not have a defined set of values, it can feel like you’re living life as a small ship being buffeted about by a tumultuous storm.  You may be experiencing a sense of disconnection from important arenas of life.  It is never too late to begin finding the values that matter to you deep in your heart.  


If you live in the Austin, TX vicinity, come to Arrive Counseling and let me help you discover the values that will help you grow, develop and create a life that feels meaningful. 

Methods of Self- Improvement in Austin, TX 

Self- improvement:  the act or process of enhancing in value or quality by one’s own actions.


Many of us are on a continuous quest of “self-improvement”, but it is absolutely vital to know exactly what self-improvement means to you.  Today’s society unabashedly encourages the improvement of one’s outward appearance, resume, financial status and social clout.  If we are unclear about our values we may be swayed into following this path in an attempt to finally be happy with ourselves.  Perhaps you’ve already tried some of these strategies and been left wanting.  


If you’re ready to explore the deeper meaning of self-improvement, Arrive Counseling could be a good place to start.  


You may be wanting to improve the ways you manage your emotions or relationships.  Perhaps you’re looking to improve behaviors around eating or exercise.  Maybe you’re simply looking to improve upon the way you treat yourself.  Let me help you find the answers that are already within you.  

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